Quayle: Spirit-Filled History since 1890

With a strong history and present day service attitude, Quayle United Methodist Church actively builds community in God’s abundant love. As Pastor Dr. Victor T. McCullough said, “We believe that God is not though with us yet.”

Quayle owes its origin to a small group of spiritually-minded people with a missionary zeal and a sense of civic pride that became the nucleus of a newly organized Methodist Church sometime during the year of 1890, on a site at the corner of 4th and Robinson streets in Oklahoma City. Since that time, Quayle has grown to be a vibrant community that seeks to connect grow, and send spiritually-mature disciples.

Quayle is active in ministry areas such as social justice, homelessness, literacy, substance abuse, prison outreach, and youth mentorship. Education programs are offered for all ages, with special gatherings for children, youth, young adults, single persons, married couples, and seniors.

We welcome you to connect to and activate God’s hope for the world through Quayle’s church community.