About Us

Elvyn and Bessie Hamilton are a clergy couple who have been appointed to the Quayle Church since July of 2019. Prior to this, they started a new church in Montgomery, AL. They have two daughters and have been married nearly 25 years.
Elvyn Hamilton has served in pastoral ministry for over 25 years in Kentucky, Alabama and now Oklahoma. During this time, he served on conference staff in church development. He holds degrees from the University of West Alabama and Asbury Theological Seminary. 
Bessie Hamilton has served in ministry for 10 years. Prior to ministry, she worked as a teacher, motivational speaker and development director. She has degrees from Stillman College, the University of West Alabama and Vanderbilt Divinity School.


Church History

Quayle United Methodist Church is a historic church of nearly 130 years in NE OKC seeking to connect to God and the community.  The church has a thrift store, food resource center, a tutoring program and a sobriety ministry to serve the larger community.  Our plans include developing a community garden via the church’s greenhouse. The church offers powerful weekly worship and many educational opportunities for all ages.  Our motto is “We Connect, We Grow, We Send”.